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Writing letters to the editor as well as letters to your friends is critical to the success of this campaign. Our communities are small, and we value each others' opinions. This guide will help with the logistics for writing a letter to the editor and will provide a framework for concisely and effectively framing why you support Laura Puckett Daniels for Gunnison County Commissioner.


Think about why you support Laura Puckett Daniels and why you think others should do the same. Here's some sample text to get you started.

I support Laura Puckett Daniels for County Commission. Laura is a strong, experienced leader who is committed to our communities. She has served Gunnison County for 13 years - first working in the service industry and coaching our children, then teaching our children, and pivoting to work at CBMBA and now CB Nordic supporting our county’s nonprofits. She is passionate about our students, recreation, and our County’s future. Gunnison County is at a tipping point. Laura is the leader we need to protect our vibrant communities, fight for housing for everyone, and foster environmental resiliency. I am voting for Laura Puckett Daniels, and I think you should, too. 

Please include so readers can easily find out more about the campaign.

For Crested Butte News, send your letter to

For Gunnison County Times, send your letter to

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Think about who your audience is for this letter and what your goal is. There are two main potential goals: encouraging people to vote for Laura Puckett Daniels and encouraging people to support Laura by donating to the campaign. Depending on your goal, your language may change. Make sure to make the letter personal - what about Laura's platform or story speaks to you? Why are you passionate about supporting Laura?

Include the link to our website and details about the caucus (first week of March), primary (June 28), and general election (November 8).

If you feel comfortable, you can also include a link to donate!

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