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Laura and Planning Commission Recommend Reducing Maximum House Size in Land Use Resolution

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

As chair on the Gunnison County Planning Commission for three years and as the first female chair of the Planning Commission, Laura has gained expertise on projects and building in Gunnison County. When the Planning Commission was tasked with recommending a smaller maximum house size for the Land Use Resolution, Laura led the Commission in recommending a size that would uphold community values including conservation and protecting the environment.

“We've been tasked with recommending new maximum square footage per lot sizes to the LUR... And people have expressed a strong desire for smaller residential maximums. Our values are more around conservation and preventing negative environmental impacts... and we can see that as a community those values are also true on the ground.”

In the end, Laura's recommendation was more extreme than her colleagues.

"If we're concerned about environmental impacts, we need to be making more change in that direction, and capping things at 6,000 and another 2,500 [outbuilding] square footage, I don't think we're making a big enough impact."

Laura believes in making meaningful change to protect our communities and uphold our values. Learn more about Laura's priorities and join us HERE.



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