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How to Vote Absentee

If you are a registered voter in Gunnison County, you can vote in the general election even if you won’t physically be in the county during the election by requesting an absentee ballot.

One reason you may need an absentee ballot is if you’re a college student who is registered to vote in Colorado, but won’t physically be in Gunnison County during the election. Another reason is if you are planning to travel, and will not be available to pick up your ballot from your home address or vote in person.

All registered voters in Colorado will receive a mail ballot.

If you need to request an absentee ballot, you can contact local election officials at least one month before the election to request your ballot be sent to a different address.

Gunnison County voters should contact Kathy Simillion, county clerk, to request an absentee ballot at (970) 641-7927. To find out more about requesting an absentee ballot or begin the process click here. All information is from Have questions? Send us an email at, and we can help point you to the information you need!

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