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Laura Emphasizes the Need For Balance In Our Community

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Laura has lived in the North Valley for over 13 years. As a resident of Mt. Crested Butte, she has first hand knowledge of how an abundance of short term rentals impacts her community.

During Mt. Crested Butte Council's debate over a moratorium on short term rentals, Laura emphasizes the value of each sector of our community. In order for our Gunnison County community to function well, Laura argues what we need is balance.

“I am not here to argue that one segment of our population is bad. I think all of these segments of our population are valuable. Visitors are valuable, part-time residents are valuable, full-time residents are valuable, newcomers and old-timers are valuable. What I'm asking is for us to consider all of these things. A community without the sugar borrowing, without kids on bikes and families barbecuing, without waves to your neighbors and helping each other is not a community I want to be a part of. I'm not sure it's a community any of us want to be a part of... If STRs continue to grow unchecked in Mt. CB, then we may end up with one of those alternatives, and for me and for most of us, that is not why we're here. It's not why we move here, it's not why we bought property here, it's not why we visit here... we need a balance of these sectors in our community, and we need to plan proactively so all sectors can thrive. If we hit pause, we can take a deep breath, talk to our neighbors and friends and plan for a community that, as best as possible, serves everyone.”

Laura believes that a strong community is built on creating a better balance without vilifying or alienating any portion of that community. Learn more about Laura's vision HERE.

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