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Commissioner Roland Mason Decides Against Running Again, Giving Laura Puckett Daniels an Opportunity

Roland Mason, County Commissioner since 2018 and long-time Crested Butte Town Council member, announced his plan to not run for reelection come November to allow more time for his family and business. This news comes after Laura Puckett Daniels announced her plans to run for the seat. In announcing his plans, Mason described Laura’s positioning for the seat:

“Laura’s announcement that she would run in the primary made me think of the time involved,” he said. “I know that having someone like Laura represent that seat would be good. She has some experience and would do a good job. That influenced me as well. I plan to stay involved and down the road could return at some level of county politics.”

In hearing about Mason’s plan, Laura showed her gratitude to him and his service as Commissioner:

“I am grateful to Roland for his service to this county over the last four years, especially through this pandemic,” she said. “I deeply respect Roland, and I hope to learn from his experience as a county commissioner. I look forward to working together in the coming months and years to best serve the people of Gunnison County. With this news, I’m excited to focus on the general election, getting out into the community to speak with everyone about the opportunities and obstacles ahead of us.”

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