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Laura Launches Campaign

In the January 21, 2022 Crested Butte News, Laura announced her candidacy for Gunnison County Commissioner in District 3. Laura wrote:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
It is with great excitement that I am announcing my candidacy for Gunnison County Commissioner from District 3 (north of Round Mountain).
Many of you know me from the roles I have served in our community. I currently work as the Marketing and Development Director at Crested Butte Nordic, and you’ll often see me on the nordic trails. As a Board Member and Deputy Director at the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association, I helped organize trail work days, memberships, and other festive community events. You also may know me from the Gunnison County Planning Commission, where I’ve served since 2018, this last year as Chair. I coach cross-country for the Crested Butte Community School, and I’ve been active in supporting our schools on the District Accountability Committee, as part of Support Our Schools, and previously as a teacher in our school district.
Since moving to Gunnison County in 2009, I’ve developed a deep love for this place. Like many of you, I was drawn here by the recreation opportunities, and this close connection to our natural world continues to enrich my life on a daily basis. But the thing that has kept me here is the community. It is you.
I am continually inspired by the kind, responsible, hard working people of Gunnison County. It isn’t easy to live here, whether it’s fluctuations in weather or our economy, but we choose to make it work, over and over again, committing to our families, our work, and our home. I am ready to take this commitment further. I want to be sure that Gunnison County continues to be a place where we can thrive now and into the future. I am committed to Gunnison County. I am committed to you.
I am running for County Commissioner to protect our vibrant communities, fight for housing for everyone, and foster environmental resiliency. We need strong, engaged leaders who are willing to work collaboratively and strategically to confront the challenges we’re facing. I have the skills, experience, and energy we need to tackle our biggest obstacles head-on and make the most of our opportunities.
I hope you will join me in ensuring a thriving future for Gunnison County. Learn more about my campaign at
Laura Puckett Daniels

This exciting announcement was followed by a Campaign Launch event at the Brick Oven Pizzeria in Crested Butte. Another event, hosted via Zoom is happening Wednesday, January 26 from 5-6. Register here!

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