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Laura On CB Nordic’s Outpost Building Project

As Marketing and Development Director for the Crested Butte Nordic Center, Laura has worked closely on the Outpost building project that recently got approval and funding from the Town of Crested Butte. The project will focus on meeting the needs of the Nordic Center as it continues to support a growing number of season pass holders while remaining conscientious of environmental impact. Laura commented on the ways CB Nordic is designing the project to have as small a carbon footprint as possible:

“We are an organization that is reliant on snow…We feel an obligation to be as close as we can be to net zero in terms of energy.”

Laura also commented on CB Nordic’s need for space for programming and continued expansion:

“We are at a place now where we desperately need program space and that’s the intention of the building…We are also a positive contributor to the town economy and have committed to have a minimum $20/hour wage for staff.”

Laura has been instrumental in the development of the Outpost Project which has received approval and funding from the Town Council.

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