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Laura on the Recreation Tax Proposal for North Valley

The Metropolitan Recreation District of Gunnison County is currently facing a potential mill levy bond, a potential increase on property tax in the district, that would add funding to recreation in the North Valley through an increase on property taxes within the district. At this meeting, Laura participated in healthy debate with other community members on the rhetoric of the bond, as written on the ballot and on the likelihood of the mill levy being approved this July in order to move forward. During the conversation, there was also debate on rhetoric, active versus cultural recreation, who will benefit from the funding, and will it be enough to make an impact. This tax proposal will be challenging to pass but has potential to highly benefit community members in the district. Laura argued in favor of passing the bond while acknowledging the pressure on property owners:

“There are definitely needs and planning for the long-term is good, but it is hard to raise taxes so if there is a real shot at it, don’t overshoot and miss it [...] I am hearing a lot while campaigning from people stressing over their property taxes, especially the cumulative impact of various taxes. It is a tension to deal with.”

Learn about Laura’s take on this issue and others here.

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