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Laura Urges Mt. CB to Consider Community

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

As of July 14, 2021, short term rental (STR) licenses in Mt. Crested Butte have no limits or caps. At the time of this meeting, 557 individual STRs exist just in Mt. Crested Butte. The goal of this council meeting is to determine whether or not a change to the current unlimited system should be considered. Laura spoke in favor of placing more limits on STRs in Mt. Crested Butte.

"We're talking about residents, the people that vote for you... Not investors in Arkansas and other places. It's taking long-term rentals off the market... it damages your sense of community... Short-term rentals decrease quality of life for all of us."

Laura's comments were followed by a comment from the crowd: "Can we all just say ditto?" and claps of approval.

Find out more about how Laura plans to approach the county's housing crisis HERE.

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